Quick & Easy Vegan Pistachio Cookies with Optional Lemon Icing

These Vegan Pistachio Cookies are a delightful treat, perfect for anyone looking to indulge in something sweet, nutty, and utterly irresistible. Ready in just 30 minutes, these cookies are soft, fragrant, and packed with the rich flavor of pistachios, making them an ideal snack for any time of the day. With no chilling required, you can enjoy these cookies almost as quickly as you crave them. The optional lemon icing adds a zesty finish, complementing the pistachio’s nuttiness with a touch of brightness. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan baker or trying plant-based recipes for the first time, these cookies are sure to impress with their simplicity and delicious taste.

Why You’ll Love This:

  • Quick and Easy: With no need to chill the dough, these cookies are ready from start to finish in 30 minutes.
  • Full of Flavor: The combination of pistachios, lemon, and a hint of almond extract results in a uniquely fragrant and tasty cookie.
  • Vegan-Friendly: These cookies, including the icing, are made with plant-based ingredients, making them perfect for vegans and anyone looking to reduce their dairy intake.
  • Versatile Snack: Enjoy these cookies as a delightful snack, a treat with your afternoon tea, or as a thoughtful homemade gift for friends and family.

Perfect Occasion:

These Vegan Pistachio Cookies are perfect for various occasions – from casual gatherings with friends to more festive celebrations. They’re also great as a thoughtful gesture for neighbors or co-workers, packed in a pretty box. Bake a batch for a picnic, potluck, or simply as a delightful weekend baking project with the kids.

Decoration Tips:

  • For a festive touch, sprinkle finely chopped pistachios over the icing before it sets.
  • Use the icing to create designs on the cookies, such as swirls, hearts, or even initials for personalized treats.
  • Add a few drops of natural green food coloring to the icing for a vibrant look that hints at the pistachio flavor within.


For the Cookie Dough:

  • 100g raw shelled pistachios
  • 200g granulated sugar
  • 130g soft vegan butter
  • 40g vegan Greek-style yogurt
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • 200g all-purpose flour
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ¼ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp sea salt

For the Icing (Optional):

  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp vegan Greek-style yogurt or non-dairy milk
  • 120g powdered sugar


  1. Preparation: Heat oven to 160°C/320°F (fan-forced) or 180°C/356°F (conventional). Line a baking sheet with parchment.
  2. Blend Pistachios and Sugar: Process pistachios and sugar until finely ground, then transfer to a large bowl.
  3. Mix Wet Ingredients: Add butter to pistachio sugar, whisk, then incorporate yogurt, vanilla, almond extract, and lemon juice.
  4. Combine with Dry Ingredients: Fold in flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
  5. Bake: Scoop out dough for 14 cookies onto the prepared sheet, bake for 12-13 minutes, then cool on the tray for 5 minutes.
  6. Prepare Icing: Whisk icing ingredients until smooth, then pipe or drizzle over cooled cookies.

Indulge in these easy-to-make Vegan Pistachio Cookies, a delightful blend of sweet, nutty, and tangy flavors that are sure to please any palate. Enjoy crafting this simple yet delicious treat that brings a burst of joy and flavor to your day.

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