Wholesome Walnut Delight Cookies

Yields: 35 cookies

Nestled within each of these Wholesome Walnut Delight Cookies is the earthy goodness of walnuts paired exquisitely with the natural sweetness of date syrup. These cookies are a testament to simplicity and flavor, perfect for pairing with a cup of tea or as a treat to brighten your day.


Cookie Dough:

  • 125 grams of butter, softened to a whisper of creaminess
  • 1 egg, to bind the melody of ingredients
  • 35 grams of icing sugar, to sweeten the whispers
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, for a hint of aromatic elegance
  • 2.5 grams (roughly half a teaspoon) of baking powder, for a gentle rise
  • 180 grams of all-purpose flour, sifted to a cloud-like softness

Filling and Garnish:

  • Halved walnuts, as many as the stars in the night sky
  • Rich Dattelsirup (Date Syrup), for a touch of natural sweetness
  • A snowfall of icing sugar for dusting

Baking Adventure

  1. Begin by creaming the softened butter with the egg, icing sugar, and vanilla extract in a bowl until the mixture is as creamy as a dream.
  2. Introduce the flour and baking powder to the bowl, and knead the congregation gently until it comes together in a smooth, pliable dough.
  3. Swathe the dough in plastic wrap and let it take a peaceful nap in the coolness of the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  4. During this pause, take a moment to appreciate the simple beauty of your walnut halves.
  5. Awaken your oven by preheating it to a warm 180 degrees Celsius, with the fan swirling the heat like a gentle zephyr.
  6. Retrieve the rested dough from its chilly slumber, and coax it into small, even portions, rolling each into a ball of potential.
  7. Press each dough ball into a disc, resting it on the prongs of a fork for texture and grace.
  8. In the heart of each disc, place a dollop of Dattelsirup, then crown it with a walnut half, as one would adorn a treasure.
  9. Gently fold the dough over this sweet and nutty core, using the fork to crimp the edges shut, like sealing a letter full of secrets.
  10. Arrange the cookies on a parchment-lined baking sheet, giving them room to spread their wings.
  11. Send them off to bake for 15-20 minutes, until they’re kissed with a golden hue.
  12. Once baked, let them rest until cool, then dust them with icing sugar, like the first delicate frost of winter.

Indulge in these Wholesome Walnut Delight Cookies and let each bite remind you of the joy of simple pleasures.

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