Nutella Rolls: A Decadent Twist on Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these irresistible Nutella Rolls, a delicious variation of the traditional cinnamon rolls. This recipe combines the soft, fluffy texture of freshly baked bread with the rich, chocolatey goodness of Nutella. Perfect for a luxurious weekend treat or a special brunch, these Nutella Rolls are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe:

  • Chocolatey Twist: A delightful change from the usual cinnamon flavor.
  • Soft and Fluffy: Enjoy the perfect texture of homemade bread rolls.
  • Comforting and Satisfying: Ideal for a cozy Sunday brunch or as a sweet snack.
  • Fun to Make: A great baking project that’s both enjoyable and rewarding.


  • Flour: 530g
  • Instant Yeast: 7g
  • Lukewarm Milk: 230ml
  • Salt: A pinch
  • Softened Butter: 75g
  • Egg: 1
  • Sugar: 30g
  • Nutella


  1. In a large bowl, combine lukewarm milk, yeast, egg, flour, salt, and sugar.
  2. Knead by hand or with a mixer until combined.
  3. Add softened butter and knead until the dough is smooth and no longer sticky (about 5 minutes).
  4. Place the dough in a clean bowl, cover, and let it rise in a warm oven (turned off) for 40 minutes.
  5. Punch down the dough and roll it out on a floured surface.
  6. Spread Nutella evenly over the dough, then cut into 5cm wide strips. Roll each strip into a spiral.
  7. Place the rolls in a buttered and floured dish. Allow them to rise for another 40 minutes in a warm place.
  8. Bake at 180°C (356°F) for 20 minutes.
  9. Let the Nutella Rolls cool before adding more Nutella on top.

Enjoy these delightful Nutella Rolls on a relaxed Sunday, or whenever you crave something sweet and homemade. They are a sure way to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

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